Create your own fun journals!

March 8, 2020| Heidi

Ready for a new way to journal?

You have seen a lot of journals out there. The ones with pretty covers but all the same pages inside. A journal should have both a pretty cover and a delightful variety of pages inside!

This may sound like it would be complicated to make. Absolutely not! Read on to find out how to make your own quickly. You will have fun making many for yourself and gifts. Never worry about “using up” your journal or cards as you can print up many more.

Here is what you will need to create your journals:

US letter-sized paper (8.5″ x 11″)

Cardstock of the same size above for outside cover and for journal cards

Printer and printer ink

Stapler and staples (having the right stapler is important…see materials list for details) For even more details, check out this blog post!

Scrapbook papers cut down to 8.5″ x 11″ or smaller (optional)

Colored printer paper if you happen to have some (optional)

Pages from “recycled” books on related themes (optional) I get bags full of books from library book sales!

And, of course, your favorite pages from your Memorable Journals downloads (sign up for my email list and get some journal sets for free if you haven’t already!)

Here’s what to consider as you gather and print your journal pages:

If you are more of a writer, include more of the pages with large writing areas like dot grids, lines, and light colors (hopefully you already know these pages are included in your Memorable Journals downloads).

If you will include lots of photos and memorabilia, you can use more scrapbook pages and/or patterned pages from your Memorable Journal downloads to put your photos on.

Instructions for making your journal:

If you don’t have your long-reach stapler yet, go ahead and order one!

While you are waiting for your stapler to arrive, gather your papers you already have and print up some if you need more.

Fold in half. (I recommend folding just a couple sheets at a time so the papers have good creases.)

Organize the pages and bundle them into a journal. (DO NOT OBSESS with the order of the pages!) I find that around 13 sheets of paper (which will become 52 actual pages) work well.

Staple along the fold.

That is it!! How easy was that? Once you get the hang of using the stapler, it will be a total breeze to create your journals for all of your adventures and holidays and every day.

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