How soon will I be able to download my purchases?

As soon as your payment clears, you should be able to download your delightful journals and enjoy right away!

What format are the downloads?

Each journal set comes in PDF file(s). The files consist of 11″ x 8.5″ pages (US letter size in landscape format). The pages are then 5.5″ x 8.5″ when folded (like a booklet). Usually journaling cards are included in each set…they are easy to cut apart and make your journaling experience even more fun!

What is your refund policy?

Refunds are not given. Please download and print at least one of the free journals that you get from subscribing to my newsletter before buying a journal set. I want to make sure you know what to expect before making a purchase and that you appreciate the simplicity of making these fun journals! If you are able to print up the free one, then you will be able to print the ones you purchased as well. All of my journals sets are PDF downloads in 11″ x 8.5″ sizes. Contact me if you have any questions before purchasing.

What order should I print the pages?

There is no right or wrong way to arrange your pages! Each journal will have a cover page, so that would be the one I would place for the outside cover. Many of my journals also have “inside” cover pages that you have the option to use. Other than that anything goes! Personally, I tend to print the pages that use more ink on one side and the ones that use less ink (like the dot grid) on the other side. Do not obsess over the order in which to arrange the pages. Just staple and enjoy! 🙂

Do you offer other sizes besides 11 x 8.5″?

The whole point of having the pages in a US letter size (11″ x 8.5″) format is to make putting together your journals easy and fun. No cutting is involved to create your journals! For this reason, I do not offer any other sizes.

What happens if I lose my download file(s)?

If you have set up an account, you can access your downloads and download your purchases as often as you need to! Just click on MY ACCOUNT in the menu in the top bar. If I have made any additions and/or updates to a particular journal that you have already purchased, you can easily access the additions through your account. I will make any announcements of additions in my email newsletters, so be sure to sign up if you haven’t already! (There will never be an additional charge for the additions and/or updates even if I raise my prices.)

Do you create the artwork for the journals?

Oh my no! I cannot draw to save my life. The artwork used in Memorable Journals comes from a variety of very talented artists. I then use the artwork to design the journal pages and cards.

Will you always have all of your journals in your shop?

For many of the journals, only a certain number can be sold due to commercial license requirements. Once the limit is reached for each of those journals, it will be removed from the shop.

Do you do custom orders?

At this point, I don’t plan to do custom orders. Creating Memorable Journals takes a lot of time! It does not hurt to ask me though! Requests and suggestions for themes and/or styles are always very welcome and encouraged!! Also if you have any suggestions for additions and/or improvements for a journal you have purchased, I would love to hear them! Send me your ideas at heidi@memorablejournals.com or use the contact form (in top menu bar).

What are your terms and conditions?

The files and printouts are for your personal use only. You are welcome to create journals to use for gifts. Imagine what great gifts these journals would make for your family and friends! There are no limits to how many you can print up for your personal use…imagine never having to worry about “running out” of your favorite pages or cards! More information about the terms and conditions is found in the link in the footer (bottom) of my website.

What materials do I need to put the journals together?

Having a stapler that will reach across at least 5.5 inches is a must! I have created a guide of my favorite materials including the most interesting-looking stapler that works great for making Memorable Journals! Click below for that materials list.

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