Where are your National Park photos?

Help your photos escape from your phone and put them into these fun and quick-to-make scrapbooks!


Play the video below to listen to Old Faithful and see how fun a National Park journal filled with your memories can be!

Choose from a wide variety of delightful journals in the shop!

You do not need to mess with traditional scrapbooking papers and materials. Instead, download journal sets (pages and cards) to match your adventure/mood/holiday/season and instantly create your own "scrapbooks"! A fun project for both you and your children throughout the year!

Much better for our environment!

Traditional scrapbooking calls for putting every two pages (if you managed to find time to complete them!) into a heavy plastic page "protector." What is going to happen to all that plastic and those binders in the future? Do you worry that your children and grandchildren will not save and treasure all of those heavy plastic-filled binders that take up so much room?

Yes to reducing plastic usage!

We need to do better for our environment, and you want to preserve your memories. If you agree, you'll likely love using Memorable Journals!

Simply print, staple, and write.

After you print up the delightful pages from a MJ set, fold and staple for an instant scrapbook...journal style. The pages don't even use that much ink. All the fun graphics are already "assembled." Now you have time to focus on printing out your favorite photos (please do print those photos out!) and writing. Imagine having many journals overflowing with memories to reminisce over with your loved ones.

Since no plastic is used, you are helping the environment and making a good impression on your future generations. Since your children and grandchildren will likely keep your compact journals, your memories will be treasured and enjoyed for many years to come!

Preserve your memories. Preserve our planet.

Here's how it works:


Download the PDF file that you got for free or purchased from the Memorable Journals shop. Print your journal pages on both sides of US letter size paper (11" x 8.5"). You can decide how many pages you want your journal to be, and you will have full control of arranging your pretty pages however you want!


Fold your pages and staple them along the spine. Use a stapler that can reach to 5.5". This unique stapler works really well for these journals!

For details about this stapler, check out my blog post.


That is it! You now have a beautiful journal to write and put your pictures in. You will enjoy writing in a variety of pretty pages and filling up your journal.

The Memorable Journals shop is ever growing...check out the variety of themes available!