Terms and Conditions

All downloads, free or paid, are for your personal use only. You may not let anyone else have access to the files downloaded. You may not sell any of the printouts. You may not use any parts of the files or printouts to create new products for sale.

You may print out and enjoy for yourself as often as you would like. You may print out and create journals for gifts…they would delight your friends and family! It is my hope that you will gain many hours of enjoyment in creating and preserving your memories and in looking back through your creations!

There are no refunds, so be sure to check the item’s description and video to make sure you know what you are getting. An awesome scrapbook journal you can use right away! 🙂 Please download the free sample I have on the site or the one available to my newsletter subscribers before you make any purchases as those have the same format as all of my downloads, and you will know what to expect.