Things you need to create your awesome journals

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Printer and Ink

If you plan to create many journals with lots of graphics, I highly recommend getting a HP (Hewlett Packard) printer that is Instant Ink eligible. Here's the LINK to find out more about this program. It is just so nice never having to worry about running out of ink or how much it costs to buy more! Just one monthly flat fee depending on the plan you choose. So far I have used two printers with the Instant Ink program and have been very happy with HP's service. Be aware that the ink that comes with the printer doesn't last long, and you do have to wait for that initial shipment of ink. That wait time can be frustrating. But once the shipment starts, it is all good!

Another thing to consider when deciding on a printer is whether or not it has a borderless setting. This can be used when printing patterned paper, and you don't want that white border around the edges of the paper. The borderless setting is optional. Keep in mind that most of the pages of Memorable Journals are designed to be used for the normal setting (NOT borderless). You can use the borderless setting for the pages with the patterns.


I tend to use 24 lb paper which is slightly thicker than the regular printer paper (that you find in copy machines) which is 20 lb. This 24 lb paper is great if you do mostly writing in your journals.

Sometimes I use 28 lb paper if I plan to use dark markers, the design will use lots of ink, or if it's for a coloring page. Also this 28 lb paper is heavy enough for your photos and mementoes. (My FAVORITE is from Staples for the quality and price.) This is what Staples has to say about this paper: "This inkjet & laser paper is also acid-free paper so printed documents will last longer. FSC Certification assures users that this paper is environmentally appropriate, and the Rainforest Alliance has also endorsed it." This paper is also available in the lighter 24 lb version.

24 lb paper is lighter.

28 lb paper is heavier.

Cardstock is nice to have on hand for the covers of the journals. Can also be used for the journal cards.

Stapler and Staples 

I have found the near-perfect stapler for creating Memorable Journals and am so thrilled! It is a very strange-looking stapler, and it is perfect for our purposes! Check it out HERE on Amazon.  If your journals have more than 13 pages or so (especially if heavier paper is used) to staple through, I highly recommend getting the heavy-duty staples to use with this stapler. Such as THIS kind. Or if your journal is really thick, try extra-long staples. The neat thing about this stapler is that it seems to work with all kinds of staples so you can create Memorable Journals with just a few pages or with many pages. (Yes I ignore the fact that the manufacturer says to use just standard staples.) It can be challenging to figure out what works best for the thicker journals though. Even so, using this stapler to create my journals is such a joy! Having the staples be correctly aligned on the spine is so much easier than using a regular long-reach stapler! Imagine being able to quickly make many journals for yourself and for gifts for others. If this sounds like you, it will be well worth the purchase of this particular and very unique stapler.

(There is now a blog post about this topic if you would like even more information!)

Staple remover

Sometimes I want to "re" staple my journal (if the staple is not "perfectly" located on the spine).  This NIFTY DEVICE comes in very handy! This works so much better than the traditional staple remover as it won't tear the paper.


Often I actually just use regular scotch tape to attach photos, mementoes and journal cards. If you are concerned about the archival quality of tape for attaching your items, you can use this TAPE.

Of course, washi tape is fun to use!


What can I say? Just about any pen will do! Some brands of pens say that only their black and blue pens are of "archival" quality so check for that if that is important to you.

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