Items to use to create your journal

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If you plan to create many journals with lots of graphics, I highly recommend getting a HP (Hewlett Packard) printer that is Instant Ink eligible. Here's the link to find out more about this program. It is just so nice never having to worry about running out of ink or how much it costs to buy more! Just one monthly flat fee depending on the plan you choose. So far I have used two printers with the Instant Ink program and have been very happy with HP's service. Be aware that the ink that comes with the printer doesn't last long, and you do have to wait for that initial shipment of ink. That wait time can be frustrating. But once the shipment starts, it is all good!

Another thing to consider when deciding on a printer is whether or not it has a borderless setting. This can be used when printing patterned paper, and you don't want that white border around the edges of the paper. The borderless setting is optional. Keep in mind that most of the pages of Memorable Journals are designed to be used for the normal setting (NOT borderless). You can use the borderless setting for the pages with the patterns.


I tend to use 24 lb paper which is slightly thicker than the regular printer paper (that you find in copy machines) which is 20 lb. Sometimes I use 28 lb paper if I plan to use dark markers, the design will use lots of ink, or if it's for a coloring page. (My favorite is from Staples for the quality and price.) This is what Staples has to say about this paper: "This inkjet & laser paper is also acid-free paper so printed documents will last longer. FSC Certification assures users that this paper is environmentally appropriate, and the Rainforest Alliance has also endorsed it." This paper is also available in the lighter 24 lb version.

24 lb paper is lighter and more pages could be used in the journal with a "normal" stapler.

28 lb paper is heavier and less pages could be used in the journal unless you invest in a long-reach "heavy duty" stapler that can staple through more pages. See the section on staplers below for more details.

Cardstock is nice to have on hand for the covers of the journals.


I only had a little stapler that didn't reach to the spine of my journals so I got an extra long reach stapler. This is plenty long but you can only use 20 pages of 20 lb paper. This I know as I have pricked myself while writing in the "centerfold" of my journal! So I ended up buying another stapler that is capable of stapling through all the pages of my thicker journals. This stapler can staple up to 50 pages (of 20 lb paper). If you do end up getting this stapler, be aware that the staples that come inside the stapler are NOT the special thicker size (5/16") of staples. It does come with a box of the thicker 5/16" staples though. Another thing about this stapler is that I found it works best if you punch the stapler quickly! I have had to do some of my stapling over again which leads to the next item on the list...

Staple remover

Sometimes I want to "re" staple my journal, so this nifty device comes in very handy! This works so much better than the traditional staple remover as it won't tear the paper.


Often I actually use plain ole scotch tape to attach photos. If you are concerned about the archival quality of tape, you can try this tape. I have not personally tried this yet though.

Of course, washi tape is fun to use!


What can I say? Just about any pen will do! It's interesting that some brands of pens say that only their black and blue pens are of "archival" quality so check for that if that is important to you.

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