THE one tool that makes scrapbooking hassle free!

May 28, 2020| Heidi

Scrapbooking should be hassle-free and plastic-free!

Gasp…no page protectors? So how do you keep the pages together then? Use a stapler! Not just any stapler though.

Besides being hassle-free, stapled-together (meaning already put together!) scrapbooks are so easy to take with you wherever go. You can write your thoughts while they are fresh in your mind. Having many more details in your scrapbooks make them more fun and meaningful to look through for you and your family.


Pretty weird looking tool isn’t it? But it works so well for putting together the Memorable Journals that we use for journal writing and for scrapbooking. (If you are not already familiar with these journals that can also be used as scrapbooks, check out the shop here to see what they are like.) Once you get used to doing it this way, you will never go back.

I love this stapler so well that I have an extra one for a backup. Here’s a link to see this on Amazon. Click on the pictures and video on Amazon to see how it works. (No benefit is sent my way from Amazon if you do choose to get one of these nifty tools for yourself.)

Prior to finally getting this particular stapler, I purchased two different long-reach staplers. Even though they both had paper guides, I never could get my staples to line up perfectly straight along the spine. (This makes it hard to open up the pages nicely.) To make matters worse, the staples would often twist up. And when I put in heavy-duty staples in one of them, it jammed and no longer opens up again.  I was beyond frustrated! Now I have a useless piece of junk that should be thrown away I guess. This particular stapler was supposed to be able to staple up to 40 pages. But the regular staples would always twist up. Pointless. Not fun.

Regular staples are fine for just a few pages. Heavy-duty staples are essential for making our journals that have around a dozen or more pages. (It all depends on the thickness of the paper used.) For those journals/scrapbooks with around 18 or more pages and/or thicker papers are used, the heavy-duty AND extra-long staples are great! Here’s a picture that shows the difference between the three:

Here’s a picture that will give you an idea of how many pages can be used for each kind of staple. The top journal (it’s actually a calendar you can get from the library of free downloads) used regular staples. No problem. The one in the middle used the 1/4″ heavy-duty staples, while the one on the bottom used the 3/8″ heavy-duty staples.

While it’s hard to pinpoint exactly how many pages each staple size can handle (due to varying thickness of the paper used), here’s a breakdown of how many pages were used in each of the above journals.

The top journal has a cardstock cover and three folded sheets of 8.5″ x 11″ paper (24-lb). This is a fun weekly calendar you can get for free here. Regular staples used…no link necessary as you already have them!

The middle journal has a cardstock cover and 13 folded sheets of paper (20-lb). This nature journal is also free here. Click this link to see the regular sized heavy-duty staples on Amazon.

The bottom journal has a cardstock cover and 24 folded sheets of paper (mix of 20- and 24-lb). This adorable flower garden journal is available in the shop. And it coordinates with the calendar! Click here to see the extra-long heavy-duty staples on Amazon.

Back to the stapler. What is so wonderful about this stapler is that it can handle all three kinds of staples mentioned here! (At least it has so far for me, and I’ve stapled many many journals with this.) It is not advertised to work with heavy-duty staples (the product description says to use regular staples). But one reviewer that makes zines (which are like small hand-made magazines) says that she has used the heavy-duty staples with great success. In fact, she reported that her heart sings when using this stapler. That review got me to try it for myself and I am so glad that I did! Like I said earlier, I bought another one to have just in case! My heart also sings when using this wonderful stapler to create journals and scrapbooks.




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