Big changes for Memorable Journals!

October 7, 2019| Heidi

For the past four years, I have been making handmade fabric-covered journals with hand-sewn pages. Then about three months ago, I decided to make my journals to hold inserts with elastic. Why did it take me so long to finally do that?? This way, I can make the inserts without any pressure to have them “perfect” as I am not permanently sewing them into the journal cover. Now I am having so much fun making my inserts!! It’s so much quicker using my stapler rather than my needle and thread. However, this is not my “big” change that I am announcing! While making my inserts, it occurred to me that I could share my designed pages with many others via digital downloads! I’ve spent the past few months getting my website ready and secure and to learn how to set up a digital shop. Ready or not, my shop is now open! There are still many details to work on, but I will never get started if I wait for things to be “perfect!”

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