You want to capture memories. You had good intentions and bought a journal (or many!) but found it difficult to write on uninspiring blank pages, let alone fill up the whole journal. You cannot draw to liven up the pages. Perhaps you dabbled in scrapbooking and intended to put together a really neat album. You purchased pretty paper and accessories but they remained unused, or perhaps you created a few pages for the album. This big, bulky, and heavy album or binder, which is mostly plastic covering the pages or journal cards, is not one you can easily take on trips or use during family events. The pages in the album or binder can become separated as they are not permanently bound to the cover. What you need is a portable album (already put together for you!) that is a joy to haul around and to show off to others. In other words, you will have a fun album that can immediately be used by you and your loved ones! The album is so fun that all members of your family will want to write in their own thoughts and to put in their favorite photos and memorabilia for a wonderful collaborative project! A bonus is that these are the kind of albums your children will want to keep when they get older as they don’t take up very much space but holds many, many precious memories. Imagine a special album for each of the major trips taken and for each event, holiday, or season. Each album is substantial holding a lot of pages (about 150 pages!) so many years of memories can be included in each. Imagine, for example, browsing a Christmas album with your family and to easily reminisce about previous Christmases. Since these albums are so easy to use and can be used in real time during the events, they get filled easily! It is such a fun activity for all involved to make their mark in the album. The little details (that can otherwise be forgotten), along with the big details, will get recorded. Having such an easy way to remember past events will make your family bond in an amazing way.

Even before the album is filled with your and your family’s thoughts and photos, it is a delight to look through. Each Memorable Journal is based on a certain theme or event which drives the fabric cover and all the content inside. The pages are adorned with a variety of drawings from a variety of talented artists. Each page will be a surprise! It also includes a few pages from used books to make the journal even more interesting. As one owner of a Memorable Journal remarked, it is too pretty to write in! No! That is not the intent of the pretty pages! Please write in them and paste your favorite photos on its pages!!

Each journal contains so much more than the pretty pages inside. Many extras are included: stickers, tags, journal cards, die cuts, and of course, washi tape. Again, there are no pages for you to have to put together or to assemble…all that is done for you. Since the pages are already bound together, all you have to do is to have fun with the extra accessories while you are capturing your memories! Everything is included as part of the journal! Check out the shop to see all the goodies!

In case you really want to know about me, here goes: After 31 years of lots of traveling to teach and support deaf and hard-of-hearing students, I have finally retired! My teaching career was very rewarding…since I am deaf myself and wear a cochlear implant and a hearing aid, I was able to relate easily with my students and the issues they had being mainstreamed in their neighborhood schools. I loved my work covering a large geographical area including the central Oregon coast. The coast has inspired me in so many ways…be on the lookout for nautical journals in my shop! Now I am so happy to have lots of time to go through all the things I have accumulated over the years as a hoarder. Fabric. Paper. Memorabilia. Rubber stamps. Old books. Washi tape is my newest obsession. Making the journals allows me to play with all of these things! I have been learning Photoshop and am finally at the point where I can create pages utilizing the wonderful digital art that many talented artists make available for purchase for commercial use. I also learned how to make professional-looking stickers! My vision for Memorable Journals is coming to fruition, and I hope that you will enjoy the journals as much as I am having fun making them! In any case, preserve your adventures and memories!

Here I am captured writing in my journal while overlooking the Atlantic Ocean in Maine.

Here I am captured writing in my journal in this magical place in Maine overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.